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Finding New Paths

A bicycle that can cover soft snowy ground in any cold weather conditions has allowed me to have some of the best bicycle days I’ve ever had. Gliding over harsh terrain such as snow, sand, packed trail, and soft trail seems to be too easy on a fat-tire bicycle. It feels like you are cheating or doing something wrong as if your bike is sticking out its tongue at other bikes riding on the path as it takes you into the middle of a frozen lake on a calm winter day surrounded by hundreds of hidden obstacles disguised in a white coat of powdery cold stuff.


The best way to describe biking in the winter is that is a little bit terrifying. I know that if i had the opportunity to I would ride to work in the winter as long as my commute wasn’t too long. Going back to the terrifying thing. Riding in the winter is like mountain biking, where there is no time to reflect on how beautiful the trees are or how perfect the temperature is or how perfect that last jump was. Your time is instead taken up my trying not to be killed by an oncoming car as you decipher between bike lane and road whilst riding over ice, snow, black ice (?), and other strange terrain.


Don’t let this prevent you from riding though, because oh man is it fun. When you first start riding you are cold and your brakes and shifting don’t really work, but after a few min, once you’re warm it’s great. You think to yourself, ” hey i’m not inside, i’m actually having fun in below freezing temperature”.


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My bike is finished. I had a few problems initially with the hub and brakes, but now after a few rides I’m happy to report its completed. I’m always finding new things about this bike. The most surprising thing is also the most obvious, it can go over everything. From riding up ( yes up) stairs to going through almost 6 inches of snow or more makes this bike truly incredible. I can’t wait to take it on a lengthy camping trip with Lindsay and her bike.

Sorry the photo is a little blurry. I will upload a new one as soon as I can. 20131127_112633


photo 1

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20131121_170347My order from BTI came today which included my Paul Levers, Avid brakes, carbon Answer handlebars, a lock and cable and a Race Face Atlas crank set ( just crazy cool).

I’m still waiting on my headset, stem, seat post, front rim, Alfine hub, and spokes before I can build it up. Hoping to have the wheels done today after my PET/CT scan. Huh, kinda funny how that works.

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Prepping the frame

When building a bike from scratch it is always a good idea to chase and face the frame.  This essentially removes paint where components like the bottom bracket and headset will directly interact with frame.

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NinjaPug Build

I feel so blessed and so well-loved to be in a place where I can put together a bike as cool as this one. All I can say to everyone that helped out is thank you. Thank you so much.

It seems silly in a world of much more important things that a bicycle is so special to someone, but to quote someone super important, ” Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”. My first love with the bicycle is the freedom it gave me, going so far from home at a young age from dusk until dark. This bicycles will give me that same feeling, although in a different way because unlike other bicycles, the Pugsley doesn’t get scared at the thought of untraveled routes……it gets excited.


This blog will serve as a platform for me to show everyone what I will be doing to the bike and what parts I purchased and why. The first thing I did was strip all the decals off and install the black decals from Surly. My main theme of this bike is “ninja” I want everything to be black simply because I think it would look cool and a little scary to other fat bikes. Let the build begin!


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New Road Bike!

IMG_0983In the process of building up my first road bike in 10 years. I have been riding my crosscheck as a commuter and touring bike for the past 5 years (Should’ve gotten the LHT, but oh well) and I’m sick of people flying by me on their road bikes.
So i was given this beautiful Mercier Frame with Matching Chrome Fork. The previous stem was stuck in the fork to the point where I spent over 6 hours trying to get it off to no avail. But at last I got it free. I mean how could i use a carbon fork on a lugged frame? Especially a frame that came with a matching chrome fork.
I have a full tiagra drivetrain
FSA External BB (Never had this)
Campy Brakes (Bc the tiara ones are ugly)
speed play frogs
generic headset (Campy one was done,might put it on at a later date)
Civia bars (Bryant 44cm)
Nitto Technomic Stem, 110
Avocet O2 Ti saddle
Bontrager Race Lite Wheels

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This is my 1983 Rossin Super Record. It is a lugged Reynolds or Columbus tubed Italian made frame. It is a short wheelbase 58″ or 57″ frame. Made for short distance races or rides. The ride is very hard and you can definitely feel every bump. Now it is set up as a single speed with a Brooks Pro saddle and some new 700c wheels. I just need to find a smaller stem and maybe some stainless steel fenders. I have never seen a Rossin with a grey frame. They usually have crazy fluorescent frame colors and crazy geometry. I will update this post when I can take photos current of its state. 

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