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20131121_170347My order from BTI came today which included my Paul Levers, Avid brakes, carbon Answer handlebars, a lock and cable and a Race Face Atlas crank set ( just crazy cool).

I’m still waiting on my headset, stem, seat post, front rim, Alfine hub, and spokes before I can build it up. Hoping to have the wheels done today after my PET/CT scan. Huh, kinda funny how that works.


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Prepping the frame

When building a bike from scratch it is always a good idea to chase and face the frame.  This essentially removes paint where components like the bottom bracket and headset will directly interact with frame.

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NinjaPug Build

I feel so blessed and so well-loved to be in a place where I can put together a bike as cool as this one. All I can say to everyone that helped out is thank you. Thank you so much.

It seems silly in a world of much more important things that a bicycle is so special to someone, but to quote someone super important, ”¬†Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”. My first love with the bicycle is the freedom it gave me, going so far from home at a young age from dusk until dark. This bicycles will give me that same feeling, although in a different way because unlike other bicycles, the Pugsley doesn’t get scared at the thought of untraveled routes……it gets excited.


This blog will serve as a platform for me to show everyone what I will be doing to the bike and what parts I purchased and why. The first thing I did was strip all the decals off and install the black decals from Surly. My main theme of this bike is “ninja” I want everything to be black simply because I think it would look cool and a little scary to other fat bikes. Let the build begin!


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